About Me

My Life:

  • I was born in Virginia but moved to Tennessee when I was only 9 days old (one move that I don’t remember – LOL) and have lived in Tennessee my entire life – all — years (did you think I was gonna tell you?)!
  • I am a Christian and of the Baptist faith.  My husband and I are members of a local Independent Baptist Church and we both enjoy singing gospel music (together and separately).
  • I am a wife.  Married to Danny on October 28, 2006.  We got married in a little chapel located across from the church that I used to belong to and we spent our honeymoon in a little town called Galax located in Virginia.  We stayed in cabins along the New River Trail and enjoyed the peace, tranquility and beautiful scenery.
  • I am a mother.  My beautiful daughter, Taylor was born on March 12, 1991.  Yes, she is now a beautiful young adult at the age of 22.  Wow, where does the time go?!
  • I am a full-time employee.  I work full-time for our local government in the department of Emergency Management.
  • I am a self-taught entrepreneur.  In addition to working a full-time career outside of the home, I work as a  Blogger and Product Review Specialist  from my home - virtually.  I also sell primitive and country style home decor in a booth located inside Vendors’ Village Antique & Flea Market Mall, Bristol, Tennessee.

My Passions:

  • Blogging - I love blogging, thus the reason I began LivingLifeWright.
  • Working as an product review specialist with individuals and businesses helping them bring recognition to their products and/or services by reaching thousands of consumer households daily.
  • Primitive & Country Home Decor - I have a booth located inside of Vendors’ Village Mall, Bristol, TN.  This is where I sell primitive & country home decor, accessories, accent furniture pieces and floral designs.
  • DIY Projects- I enjoy most DIY projects around the house; painting, decorating & landscaping.  With a little more time and practice, I hope to soon be able to tackle building projects.  My power tools and I are still in the “getting acquainted” stages. LOL!
  • Social Media Enthusiast - I love socializing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest.
  • Shopping & Using Coupons - What can I say … I love to shop!  I used to love shopping for clothing, but now I love getting a good deal on household products through strategic planning & coupons!  Coupons are just like money… and who doesn’t like or need a little extra money?

My Work:

Coming soon.